About Me

“Once you really commence to see things, then you really commence to feel things.”

— Edward Steichen

John P Diaz is a landscape and wildlife photographer based out of Florida in the United States. 


As a native Floridian, I have grown up with an immense appreciation of the natural wonder the state provides. From nature walks around my childhood home with my mother to camping around the state, Florida's wild spaces were never far away while I was growing up. When you have these experiences during your formative years, you cannot help but have a deep connection to the the land and the wildlife that calls it home.

Growing up in Florida also has given me a keen awareness of the unstoppable march of progress. As time has worn on, the state has undoubtedly changed, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Though the change itself is never really as upsetting as the cost. Wetlands drained to build subdivisions and strip malls, small family owned businesses that have served their communities for decades replaced by faceless corporations. Quaint small towns are swallowed by exploding metropolises on a seemingly daily basis. 

It is this duality of the Florida experience that drives me to document the world around me and capture its beauty as it existed in that moment in front of my lens.